Our core competence is the recruitment of specialist and management positions – across the whole of Europe


This is how we proceed:

Together in our initial assignment briefing with you, we work out the detailed requirements of the role and agree on the specific recruitment strategy and the overall assignment project plan.

In the next phase of Identification & Approach of the candidates we use every appropriate tool such as internal and external database searches, personal networks or practice classical headhunting on the telephone, through to working with the multitude of options provided by the use of web 2.0 technology.

The way in which we approach candidates makes the difference between the success or failure of a search assignment. With our 360° Recruitment concept our experienced consultant contacts the candidate at the earliest point possible to give a clear and convincing description of your company culture and the opportunities and challenges of the position to be filled.

We conduct an initial phone interview with selected candidates where we match their competencies and experience to your requirements. If there is a good match we will proceed with a further extensive conversation and create a candidate profile including a qualified assessment to be forwarded to you. We can assimilate our assignment project plan with your internal recruitment process if required.