Recruitment on target:


Your heading / your AZIMUT is your decision.

As a client or as a candidate – our job is to understand if you are both able and willing to journey together in the same direction.

In navigation terms the Azimut [from starting point to target] is called the set course. This may be more familiar to you as your positions in your company or your career objectives.

We listen very carefully to what you say and ask relevant questions so that we can understand “your heading – your AZIMUT“, our assignment.


Confidentiality, discretion and courtesy

We commit absolute discretion to our clients and candidates and treat all information we receive with the utmost confidentiality.

We pay particular attention in protecting candidate data and client information and we will only exchange such information with the express approval of either party in direct relation to a specific recruitment assignment.

We do not approach any employee of our current clients for other positions.

We do not charge any fee to candidates in relation with our assignments.